Bad News For Clinton: Anthony Weiner Is Singing For The Feds

Bad News For Clinton: Anthony Weiner Is Singing For The Feds

The latest bombshell in the 2016 election may have the chance to knock Hillary out of the race and even see her behind bars…But that’s a very big ‘if’.

First off, the powers that be are STILL the powers that be and Hillary Clinton whether you see it or not, is a part of that Washington elite power. Her and Bill have made it this long, so let’s continue to take their track record of skidding the law seriously.

Also, the FBI had been sitting on the information of Anthony Wiener’s Clinton emails for weeks and it’s just now been exposed – so let’s not believe that Comey and the FBI are ‘righteous crusaders’ for the truth, all of the sudden. I’m willing to bet a lot of Trump supporters and Republicans were just last month cursing Comey’s name. Am I wrong?

Now, for the good news. Reports have it that Anthony Wiener is spilling his guts to the FBI, which may (or may not) prove out to be true, or useful…but here’s to that never-ending ‘hope’ for justice to be served.

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From The Washington Examiner:

Former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner is cooperating with authorities in the FBI investigation of his laptop that contains emails that prompted the Federal Bureau of Investigation to reopen its probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of an unauthorized email server.

The news that Weiner is cooperating, reported by Fox News’ Bret Baier on Sunday, would help law enforcement with the investigation, since officials didn’t yet have a warrant to read through the material found on the device.


Though FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers Friday his agency found emails related to Hillary Clinton’s private email server, he didn’t yet have a warrant to read them.

This might be a surprise to Trumpers who keep acting as if they have Hillary dead to rights and they’ll be locking her up tomorrow. The facts are that they have no emails, they have no idea what’s in the emails and they don’t even have a warrant to get the emails yet.

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