Baltimore Sheriff Candidate: ‘White People Should Shut The F*ck Up, You’re The Most Violent People on the Planet’

I’m hoping David Wiggins gets more publicity with comments like this one. His opinion is important, because he’s part of a large crowd: Those who see deeds committed by individuals, be those deeds good or bad, as reflections of the groups to which those individuals belong. That’s inherently divisive, and when we see someone demonstrating it to us it gives us an opportunity to let that message sink in. It’s something we need to have happen.

A man running for Baltimore County sheriff on an “anti-police brutality platform” raised some eyebrows with his recent comments, saying, “white people should just shut the f*ck up” because they’re “the most violent people on the planet.”

The comments were made while he ranted about the Ray Rice case, arguing that the running back’s wife was the one at fault.

“Women want equality, she got some of it,” Wiggins wrote. “There are only white Jew women on this thread telling me what black women think… When you whites, particularly you Jews, stop killing women in the Middle East with your dual citizenship, then come talk to me about protecting women’s rights.”

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His Facebook page is fairly littered with this same error; culpability of groups, versus individuals. I didn’t have to scroll down far at all, to find another example of it:

Your white fear of Black men is your problem not mine—had you whites not brutalized blacks there would be no need for you to fear revenge, retribution or karma. You whites are and have been the most depraved, brutal and murderous collective of humanity on the planet.

Since 1492 murderous thugs of the white race have poisoned the earth, water, air and are now littering the heavens, you have murdered roughly a billion people on the planet to maintain control of their natural resources that are not found in Europe and that are necessary to continue your genocidal so-called Western Civilization.

This is a veritable truth that no one can deny or reason away.

Wiggins himself is a good lesson in the folly of evaluating group behavior, and ignoring what individuals do. He’s running for Sheriff as a Republican. Seems to have a nasty habit of thinking things out like those other guys.

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