BAM! Tucker Carlson From FOX Just LEVELED Anti-Trump Millennial Over Illegal Immigration! [VIDEO]

by Alexandria Willis | November 17, 2016 2:51 pm


Y’all, this was literally painful to watch. Oh my heavens[2]. The ignorance was so overwhelming I could barely stand it. I was completely torn between wanting to cheer for Tucker Carlson and wanting to cringe whenever the young man started to speak. The best part is, there was no real baiting here. They weren’t trying to trick the kid. He was just fundamentally ignorant and completely willing to say all the slogans that seem to be dictating the actions of the left’s forces.

Frankly, it left me terrified as well. Is this really the voting force that is going to be leading our country soon? This is the next generation that will carry the nation forward. And according to this young man, anyone who wants to come into the country should be allowed into the country.

He literally just spewed one fallacy after another. He begins by saying America has always allowed any immigrants in…. that is the legacy and heritage of America. I am sorry, but does he have any idea what he is talking about?? That has literally never been the case. Even in the instance of pre-American colonies, they did not just allow anyone into the colonies. They strongly believed in the right to determine who was allowed there.

This kid is skipping school to protest…. but it sounds like he really just needs to learn a thing or two.

CARLSON: Do you think people have a right to lock their doors? Or do you think they have an obligation to let them in? You’re saying the United States has no right to prevent people who want to come here from coming here. I’m asking, do you have a right to keep people out who want to share your apartment with you?

UEMATSU: I think that’s not really a direct analogy. Obviously a nation state is very different from an individual.

CARLSON: It belongs to the citizens, so they should be able to decide who comes in or out, wouldn’t you agree? doesn’t a country belong to its citizens?

I am praying our millennials start learning how to think instead of learning to repeat what they’ve been told to believe. Grow up!

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