Bank of America Gets a New Chairman

by Van Helsing | April 30, 2009 1:29 pm

Bank of America has fired chairman Kenneth Lewis, and come up with a new chairman, Walter Massey[1], who is much more suited to today’s American business environment.

Whatever Massey’s other qualifications, it would be naive not to suspect that his racial credentials got him the job. Massey is so ethnically correct, he’s the president emeritus of historically all-black Morehouse College. So there’s a pretty good chance he won’t meet the fate of former GM chairman Rick Wagoner, who was fired by the Moonbat Messiah[2], marking a major milestone in our descent into authoritarianism.

Remember us when you’re putting together the next $trillion bailout, Chairman Zero, sir. We’re playing ball.

That’s how business is done now.

Massey has the credentials that count.

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