A Bar in Virginia Used Colin Kaepernick’s Jersey as a Doormat & Liberals Are Upset

A Bar in Virginia Used Colin Kaepernick’s Jersey as a Doormat & Liberals Are Upset

After Colin Kaepernick knelt during the National Anthem before a football game, he became a nationally recognized name.

Some people decided to burn his jersey for disrespecting our nation and some held him up as a hero of the First Amendment.

And there is the owner of Krossroads Rock and Country Bar in Virginia Beach, Virginia who saw the act as disrespectful and decided to make a statement of his own. He used a Kaepernick jersey as a doormat and posted a sign on the door reminding patrons to “wipe their feet.”


One patron, James Perry, not only viewed this as inappropriate but also, wait for it, racist.

The Facebook post he made is below, but he does use some foul language, so watch out for that.

The business owner said what the rest of us already know, that this was about him disrespecting our flag, not race. Just because he’s half-black doesn’t make this racist. These people are using words they don’t even understand to try to shut down free speech because they don’t like it.

Perry cries about how Kaepernick was just using his First Amendment right to express his opinion, but the reality is that this bar is just doing the same thing.

One of his friends mentioned that they had plans to steal the jersey from the front of the bar and another insinuated that they would give it up because they’re afraid of riots. (Because that’s a good reason to riot, you buncha’ buffoons.)


Unfortunately for these morons, that would be considered theft of private property and they could end up in prison. But something tells me that wouldn’t bother them.

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