She Became Too Westernized So Muslim Dad’s Punishment? Rape

She Became Too Westernized So Muslim Dad’s Punishment? Rape

I don’t understand this line of thinking at all. I mean, what decent father looks at their daughter and thinks “gee, she’s not turning out the way I had envisioned. You know what I should do? Rape her until she realizes what she did wrong!” What healthy, well-adjusted human being even sees that as a viable punishment option?

To top it off, it’s not even like the girl was actually doing anything wrong, like drinking underage, doing drugs, skipping school or the like. Heck, she wasn’t even a child anymore, as she is in her 20’s. But that didn’t stop this evil man from ruining her life because he thought that she should live more in keeping with his Islamic heritage.


The heinous crime took place in the town of Fredrikstad, Norway.

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The victim and her father were said to have been arguing before the rape occurred, undoubtedly over the fact that she had become assimilated to Norway’s culture and had become a model immigrant.

For some reason that enraged her father, who believed that she had become “too Westernized” and clearly needed to be reminded of her non-Western roots. The only way he could think to do that was, apparently, raping his daughter.

The local police said that this crime bore all of the markings of a “father’s punishment for his daughter living too Western.” (You know, like being able to go outside in real clothing, being able to leave the house without a man and perhaps most horrifyingly, being FREE.)

After receiving the DNA results that proved that he had in fact raped his daughter, he attempted to explain it away by saying that he had been sitting on her bed and that is how it had gotten there.

Perhaps the worst part of the case is the fact that the father genuinely doesn’t understand why he’s been arrested and charged with rape and incest. He was also surprised to learn that his daughter had later alerted the mailman to the crime and went to the police to file a report.

The Court is considering this rape to be more egregious than others because it took place in her own residence by her own father.

The young woman is also now receiving psychiatric help to deal with the trauma her father forced on her. What do you think HIS punishment should be and how do we stop crimes like this from happening?

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