Benghazi Hero RIPS Into Holt: ‘Hillary Put People in Harm’s Way for Political Gain!’

Benghazi Hero RIPS Into Holt: ‘Hillary Put People in Harm’s Way for Political Gain!’

I absolutely love listening to the Benghazi survivors tear into Hillary like hungry sharks into fresh meat. Not because I enjoy seeing people uncomfortable or hurt or “bullied,” but because of anyone in the world, she deserves it the most. She refuses to humbly admit that she made a serious mistake in Benghazi and it lead to the needless deaths of four great men.

Americans everywhere are still enraged about the lack of action on that night, so it’s more than a little satisfying to watch someone who was actually there rip into the evil woman responsible for so much suffering and anger.


Most of America thought it was plainly obvious that Lester Holt was all in for team Hillary during the first Presidential Debate of the race. This group of individuals includes Benghazi hero Mark “Oz” Geist who was in the audience with his wife.

He went onto the Sean Hannity Show to give his opinion on the surprisingly lackluster debate, saying that the lack of questions about Hillary’s mistakes (namely Benghazi) makes it very clear that he did not want to press her on the real issues that would affect her ability to be President.

It just goes to show the bias that was there with the moderator—with Lester. They never followed up on any question. They [therefore] missed an opportunity to show America the type of leader [Hillary Clinton would] be.

We have to look and see if this is the type of person that we want, they’re going to be leading our country, that ended up putting people in harm’s way for strictly her political gain.”

Gen. Michael Flynn was also in the audience and similarly thought that Holt was intentionally taking it easy on Clinton.

Let’s get down to brass tacks: the ‘birther’ issue was raised and Benghazi was not raised? The ‘birther issue’ did not result in four dead Americans [or] a failed nation-state in Libya.

For that not to have come up is unbelievable.”

The fact that Holt didn’t bring it up also left a huge, gaping opening for Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump to raise the issue and he failed to take the opportunity. Lester Holt was a lukewarm moderator at best and Donald should have taken the reigns and not allowed Hillary to put him on the defensive.

All of that being said, I’m absolutely sure that we will see this issue broached before election day 2016.

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