Is This The BEST America Has To Offer? How Islamic Terror MUST Be Fought. [VIDEO]

Is This The BEST America Has To Offer? How Islamic Terror MUST Be Fought. [VIDEO]

The attacks are here. They are not new and they are not going anywhere. They could be virtually for the most part eliminated from our shores, but that would take the leadership and a government body that was willing to go against the grain when other world leaders are in their weakness, condemning America for being ‘racists’ or ‘xenophobes’. Leadership that is willing to admit that what we have been doing up until now doesn’t work, in fact, it enables further attacks and further slaughter of American innocents. Leadership that wholeheartedly denies the erroneous communistic way of thinking known as Political Correctness.

Abraham Lincoln

None of these things will ever happen. They cannot happen. Not until the leaders of this nation stop weighing and measuring the quid-pro-quo way of doing business. Every day what is brought out on talk radio, on news networks, by Hollywood, is more feeling and thoughts of how to handle the day’s latest political crisis. The latest gag by Hillary Clinton or the recent back peddle by Donald Trump, and a large portion of America, the majority, is scratching their heads saying, “Are these the two best candidates in the entire nation?”

Any hope of a better candidate swooping in and saving the day is a false hope. The truth is we did this to ourselves. We appoint our elected officials and they in turn make the decisions that we as a town, city, county, state and a nation have to deal with. One of those major decisions is how we combat terrorism. I say terrorism because we as a people can’t even come to the same conclusion that terrorism for a very long time has solely been perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists. After this weekend’s attacks, America has been reminded that the war isn’t over. The war on our culture and way of life rages on, even if the tragedys are out of sight, out of mind.

Senator Ted Cruz has released a statement that is dubbed ‘a clear-eyed’ approach to combating terrorism:

“Terrorist attacks over the last several days across our homeland, from Manhattan to Minnesota, indicate we are moving into a new phase of the war against ISIS and al Qaida, who are increasingly targeting Europe and the United States. Two years ago, a focused, aggressive military campaign against ISIS’s claimed caliphate in Syria and Iraq might have effectively destroyed the terrorist group, but ISIS has instead spent the last year seeding radicals in the West, disguising jihadis as refugees and radicalizing Muslim citizens online and encouraging them to remain in the U.S. and fight here. Meanwhile, other networks such as al Qaida and the Taliban remain determined to resume the attacks on America that began on September 11, 2001.

As we confront this new phase, we must avoid the trap of misconceiving these attacks as isolated incidents somehow disconnected from the larger ideological struggle against jihad. It is past time to take off the blinders and call the enemy what it is: radical Islamic terrorism engaged in a coordinated campaign designed to disrupt our very way of life.

We must start by fully supporting our law enforcement community, from the heroic off-duty officer Jason Falconer, who neutralized the terrorist in the St. Cloud mall, saving many lives, to the FBI officers in New York who have worked swiftly to identify and apprehend the likely mastermind of the weekend bombings. We also desperately need the active participation of American Muslims who see the jihadis for what they are: the enemies of all who celebrate freedom and tolerance. Congress should act to prevent Americans who have traveled abroad for training from returning here, and to stop the flow of refugees from hotbeds of terrorism in the Middle East that President Obama is determined to bring to our country. We can’t overcome our enemies by pretending they don’t exist, and undermining our first line of defenders. Only together, clear-eyed and determined, can we defeat this foe.”

The first step is recognizing that we have a problem. Ted Cruz, as well as so many other patriots have. But none of this is going to have even a remote chance of coming to fruition if we as citizens continue to choose leaders that have proven themselves to be corrupt and unworthy stewards of this God-given nation.

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