The Best Man Makes a Move: Scott Walker forms committee in preparation for 2016 presidential bid

by Samuel Gonzalez | January 27, 2015 5:40 pm

From The Last Tradition[1]

Forget Christie, Bush or Romney. They’re GOP establishment guaranteed losers! This will be a battle against the GOP donor class vs the conservative grassroots. There’s more of us in the conservative base than there is of them. Get ready t0 kick it up!

Washington Post[2] reports Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, whose speech to activists in Iowa last weekend drew strong reviews, has taken the first formal step toward a presidential candidacy in 2016, establishing a committee that will help spread his message and underwrite his activities as he seeks to build his political and fundraising networks in the months ahead.

Walker filed papers to set up the committee, called “Our American Revival,” and a new Web site for the organization was scheduled to go live later Tuesday. The steps come after a busy weekend of pre-presidential events that included his address at the Iowa Freedom Summit, a later appearance at a gathering in California hosted by the billionaire Koch brothers and a stopover in Denver for additional fundraising.

“Our American Revival encompasses the shared values that make our country great; limiting the powers of the federal government to those defined in the Constitution while creating a leaner, more efficient, more effective and more accountable government to the American people,” Walker said in a statement in the release announcing the committee.

Walker’s steps come at a time when other prospective candidates are making similar moves in what has quickly become the largest prospective field of Republican candidates and the most wide open nomination contest in the modern history of the party.

The governor’s Iowa speech helped establish him more firmly in a presidential field that includes bigger names like former Florida governor Jeb Bush and possibly Mitt Romney, the party’s 2012 nominee, as well as bigger personalities like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, veterans of past presidential campaigns and newcomers with specific appeal to parts of the GOP’s conservative base.

The second-term governor has made no secret of his interest in becoming a candidate for the Republican nomination, and he has recently made key additions to his political team, including the hiring of Rick Wiley, a former Republican National Committee political director, to lead the organizing effort. Wiley will serve as executive director of Our American Revival.

The formation of the new committee represents Walker’s most significant step to date in a process that is expected to result in a declaration of candidacy later this year, once he and the legislature have gone through the budget process in his state.


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