This Beyonce/Jay Z/Rachel Roy Love Triangle Is The New Big Deal

This Beyonce/Jay Z/Rachel Roy Love Triangle Is The New Big Deal

Celebrities live out their high school gossip lifestyles in front of all of us. And accordingly we’ve been “treated” to the feud between Beyoncé, her husband Jay Z and his alleged adultery with Rachel Roy. I know, right? Who cares? Apparently many people do considering the social media response. The tawdry lives of the rich and famous are big business and even bigger entertainment. So, read on to get your fix…it’s getting uncomfortable at the mansion for Jay Z and Beyoncé. Will they get back together? Did they really even break apart?

From Cosmopolitan:

The Beyhive is buzzing today!

Last night, Beyoncé graced the world with her new album, Lemonade, and the entire Beyhive went nuts speculating on who certain songs were about. The album contains a plethora of lyrics that seem to confirm that Jay Z cheated on Beyonce, including the track, “Sorry,” in which Bey sings about the woman her man was unfaithful with, calling her “Becky with the good hair.”

Enter fashion designer Rachel Roy, who has long been rumored to be the woman who caused the Solange elevator fight. Shortly after Lemonade dropped, she posted a photo of her laughing in the back of a car, with a caption that read, “Good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies, or self truths, always. live in the light #nodramaqueens.”

And this is a list of some sour lemons messages some think Bey is sending to “her man”.

1.She’s known about Jay Z’s disloyalty from early on—she says she could taste the dishonesty in his breath and smell his secret.

2.She knows how wicked his disloyal actions are, but regardless, her love for him tops everything.

3.She’d rather be crazy than be walked all over.

4.Reality check: Does Jay Z know who he’s messing with? “Who the *heck* do you think I am? You ain’t married to no average *woman*, boy.”

5.She is not sorry about a *darn* thing, and she’s not afraid to say, “Boy, bye.”

6.”This is your final warning. You know I give you life. If you try this *stuff* again, you gon’ lose your wife.”

7.His infidelity didn’t come as a surprise: “My daddy warned me about men like you. He said, ‘Baby girl, he’s playing you.'”

8.Promises might have been broken, but she wants to forgive him: “Show me your scars, and I won’t walk away. And I know I promised that I couldn’t stay, baby—every promise don’t work out that way.”

9.She’s ready to move on: “We’re gonna heal; we’re gonna start again.”

10.Her love for her husband is unbreakable, no matter what. “Nothing real can be threatened. True love breathes salvation back into me. With every tear came redemption, and my torturer became a remedy.”

Frankly, the domestic squabbles of the scantily clad and fabulously wealthy are boring. Whatever happens will happen. Have these people ever heard of keeping private relationships private? We’d all be better off to grab a glass of real lemonade and do a crossword puzzle. At least that way we’ll learn something worth knowing.

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