Big Government Now Going After Pets

Proving that there is nothing (other than subservience and parasitism) that the government won’t try to regulate out of existence, bureaucrats are now going after the practice of owning pets. While it waits for the gargantuan spending it has set in motion to sink the economy, Congress busies itself by once again reaching into your personal life with H.R. 669 — aka The Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act — a bill that could make many common pets illegal.

The idea is to ban animals and even plants that are not native to the USA. To save space, bureaucrats are listing what species are allowed, rather than all those that will be forbidden.

I’m guessing Comrade Obama’s Portuguese water dog will get an exception, but your tropical fish, exotic bird, boa, or even hamster might not be so lucky.

Big Government’s plan for your tropical fish collection.

On a tip from John L. Hat tip: My Planted Tank Adventures. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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