Biker Gets His Revenge on Road Rager after Being Hit with a Water Bottle [VIDEO]

by Alexandria Willis | November 29, 2016 1:58 am


Do you think he went too far? Because I do not think there is really any question about it. This is ridiculous. I cannot believe anyone would feel comfortable justifying this kind of behavior. The quick response towards violence and revenge is a little disturbing.

This biker was riding down the road while recording the ride. Where the video picks up you can tell he is upset at the minivan driving beside him in the next lane. He is seen flipping the man off and then pulls up angrily beside the minivan driver. The passenger in the van throws an empty water bottle out the window of the moving car and manages to hit the motorcycle driver.

From the video, it does not appear like it hit very hard. But regardless, of course the car driver was completely out of line. The biker seems to take that as instant justification for what he does next. He stalks the van incessantly. For twenty minutes he trails right behind the van, staying close on his bumper.

Then after twenty minutes he quickly pulls over, gets off his bike and picks up a rock. You can see him tuck it into his pocket. My heart dropped when I saw this. He then returns to his bike, gets on the road and speeds up so that he can catch up with the van that had offended him so deeply almost half an hour earlier.

As he pulls even with the car he takes the rock out of his pocket and throws it at the window of the moving van. The window shatters completely as the biker speeds away. The incredible danger this was is infuriating. He put the lives of everyone in that car at risk. I understand being angry about bad drivers, but this man deserves to be in jail.

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