Bill Clinton’s Ex-Lover And Friend Makes Bold Claim About Hillary’s Health!

Bill Clinton’s Ex-Lover And Friend Makes Bold Claim About Hillary’s Health!

Bill Clinton has a slew of ex-girlfriends who I’m sure want to take a shot at Hillary, but one of them is actually doing it. Once you listen to what he has to say about Mrs. Clinton and the reason she believes Hillary is having suddenly noticeable health problems, you’re going to find yourself agreeing.

Dolly Kyle, who I had never heard of before right now, is the author of Hillary: The Other Woman and has a long, sordid past with the Former President of the United States Bill Clinton. The book details some horrible interactions with the Clintons, including a situation where Hillary actually blew up at a group of handicapped children while serving as the First Lady of Arkansas.


Kyle may have hit the nail on the head with her keen analysis of the Hillary Clinton health issue.

“I really think she has been ’cruisin’ for a bruisin’, as we say in the South, because she’s such an angry person and so driven by this inner rage,” said Kyle. “People like that eventually break down, physically.”

But, she asserts, Hillary’s “inability to keep her lies straight” is not necessarily attributed to her anger, but “cognitive impairment.” I can’t say that I disagree.

I’ve known several people who are just hateful and angry and they have a tendency to suffer from more physical ailments than the rest of us. Of course this isn’t going to be true of all people, but I have personally noticed a correlation between angry people and mental issues.

But Kyle says that anger is not the only strong emotion Clinton feels.

“That paranoia, that tendency to be a control freak, has always been a part of her personality,” warned Kyle.

“I call her ‘Hillary Scissorhands’ because of her predilection for destroying records which could get in the way of her goals.”

I recommend buying Dolly’s book if you don’t already have it, because it is a disturbingly deep look into the behaviors of a woman who may very well become the next President of the United States. And with so many people, including former Secret Service agents, telling stories similar to the ones that Kyle has written about, there has to be some measure of truth to them.

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