Bishop: Hillary Clinton Thinks She’s a God

by John Brodgian | May 4, 2015 8:06 am

Hillary Clinton will say anything to get elected, so here recent comments about people having to change religious beliefs so others can have abortions isn’t shocking.  What’s shocking is that she getting called for it from all over the world[1].


“If these values are not precious to Hillary Clinton, I think she has no right at all to call for a change in religious values and religious beliefs,” he said.

“I believe there are three groups of people in this world: those who believe in God, those who do not believe in God, and those who think they are gods. Hillary Clinton I think is one of those who thinks she is a god,” said Badejo, who is Director of Communications for the African Bishops.

These comments echo those of Gov. Bobby Jindal.  Jindal said, “Hillary Clinton said that people who are pro-life have to change our religious beliefs. This is why the fight for religious freedom is so important. Our religious beliefs are between us and God, not us and Hillary Clinton.”

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