Bizarre Claim By Famous Pathologist: Trump & Putin May have POISONED CLINTON

Bizarre Claim By Famous Pathologist: Trump & Putin May have POISONED CLINTON

Hillary Clinton is sick. Aside from the very-obvious sociopathy that afflicts her and which should render her ineligible for the presidency, Hillary suffers from some sort of ailment.


What ailment afflicts her? Who knows. As she has thoroughly demolished any trust that the public may have ever had in her excuses, we have reached a point that if she says “good morning,” we are naturally suspicious.

The Clinton camp first maintained that the ailment was heat exhaustion. Then it was pneumonia. Her husband, Bill, has slipped and stated that she has “routinely” collapsed and now, we are left wondering, “Was Donald Trump actually right about Hillary’s health?”

Adding to this drama is Bennet Omalu, the world-famous pathologist who discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy in the brains of dead football players – a discovery that has led to our football being less entertaining and many, many lawsuits from football players that pretended not to understand that getting hit in the head for decades might have consequences.

Omalu claims that Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin may have poisoned Hillary.

Yes, really…

In the below tweets, Omalu made the claims:

It seems that we have reached new depths of absurdity in this election.

We have seen Trump accuse his conservative opponent’s father of being complicit in the JFK assassination and now we have seen a respected pathologist so blinded by his liberal ideology that rather than accept that Hillary is sick, suggest that she is being poisoned by political foes.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone…

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