by John Hawkins | October 28, 2014 6:56 am

This is a really strange case[1].


Jarod Tonneson went to the restroom at halftime during Thursday’s Denver Broncos game at Sports Authority Field. When he returned, his father was not in his seat, nor did he come back at any point during the second half of the game or afterward.

It has been four days since Paul Kitterman’s family has heard from him. They filed a police report after the 53-year-old disappeared without a trace.

“We were looking everywhere in parking lots, trees, bushes, anywhere we could think of,” Tonneson told KDVR-TV.

Denver police do not suspect foul play, according to the news station, but Kitterman’s son said he “can’t help but think something bad has happened.”

KUSA-TV reported that Kitterman, who lives about two hours from the stadium in Kremmling, Colorado, attended the game with his son and two friends who provided the tickets.

….Bakke and her boyfriend’s seats were separate from Kitterman and Tonneson’s seats. She told KUSA Kitterman didn’t bring his cellphone or credit cards to the stadium, only carrying about $50 in cash because he’s not a “technology guy.” She added that he didn’t have medical or substance abuse problems.

After the game, Kitterman’s son and his friends called stadium security and police. Since then, they have made calls to local hospitals and jails with no luck finding him.

“This is just so not characteristic of Paul,” Bakke told KUSA. “Paul is one of the most loyal, responsible people you’ll ever meet in your life. He would never, ever just leave you hanging, and especially his son. He would never leave Jarod.”

Kitterman has no medical or substance abuse problems, he doesn’t live nearby and he didn’t have a cellphone or credit cards. On top of all that, another article noted that he had few contacts in Denver and had plans to go hunting the next morning — so where could he have gone?

He almost had to have left willingly because how could you incapacitate and kidnap someone from a stadium full of people? Could someone have talked him into leaving? Maybe, but you’d have to think that would be a tough sell since he knew his son would be wondering where he went.

If you had to guess what happened, you inevitably end up in some very strange places like mental illness, getting amnesia, faking his own dead, being seduced and murdered — this is a story worth keeping an eye on. Paul Kitterman may not be any Amelia earhart, but you’ve really got to wonder what happened to him.

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