The bizarre reason why Disney owns the URL MuppetF*cker.Net

The bizarre reason why Disney owns the URL MuppetF*cker.Net

If you don’t already know, Disney is the quintessential innocent animated company. When you think of innocent movies to watch with your children, the go to is always Disney. Now in recent years, Disney has been expanding its grasp, getting a hold of franchises like Star Wars and Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy, to name a couple. Not bad, but not entirely wholesome either. People do die in these shows. Mostly violently. So Disney isn’t new to the dark side (pun intended) and they’re not afraid to bring their powerful legal fury down on anyone who dares to mock, imitate or bring the House of Mouse into any discredit.

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That funny claim has just been backed in way, by a funny bit of information about some of the characters of Disney – specifically news that reveals Disney owns the internet domain MuppetF**

It’s a oddly humorous display of their power and one that was revealed by YouTube Muppet lover, Joshua Gillespie. Now why a man would be a lover of children’s puppets is anyone’s guess. Be gentle.

Josh described what he discovered: ‘It was an “Oh my God” and then laughing for about five minutes uncontrollably. ‘Cause I’m thinking Disney, nice super friendly. I know the Muppets can be pretty vulgar, [but] knowing that Disney owned it is what made it the funniest.’

However, Gillespie also disclosed that it wasn’t the Disney company that actually registered that domain – as it turned out that it was the Jim Henson Company in 2001 that originally owned it, before the House of Mouse inherited it when they bought out the company back in 2004.

Astonishingly, the domain was originally claimed by the DJ Noah Lee, who performed under the name Muppetfucker, excuse the language.


But he had no choice but to hand over control of the domain name in 2001 when the Jim Henson company discovered his controversial stage name in a magazine review – and instantly issued him with a cease-and-desist letter. Still, it’s a freakishly superb insight into how Disney works – and it looks like they’ve got their first title on their hands if they ever decide to branch out into other shady aspects of media…Oh gosh. All my childhood memories just turned to nightmares.

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