BKW Has Been Assimilated

by John Hawkins | September 16, 2002 12:59 am

BKW Has Been Assimilated: As the regular readers of RWN already know, I have decided to kill Brass Knuckles Webzine. However, rather than letting all that material go to waste, I’ve moved a lot of the material from BKW over to RWN.

You will now see that RWN has 4 different humor sections and they’re all loaded with material. I’ve also added a few new of the old BKW interviews and several new articles in the “special section.” While I didn’t bring over all of BKW’s material, I did bring over the best of it and I think it’ll make RWN a better, stronger, page.

If you run across any broken links, broken pics, errors, etc, in the new material, feel free to let me know and I’ll correct it. But I hope everyone enjoys the massive amount of new material on RWN..

Source URL: https://rightwingnews.com/top-news/bkw-has-been-assimilated/