Black Chicago Boy Found Burned To Death In Trash Can – BlackLivesMatter SILENT [VIDEO]

Black Chicago Boy Found Burned To Death In Trash Can – BlackLivesMatter SILENT [VIDEO]

BlackLivesMatter could have been a movement that aided and saved lives, but instead, it preaches division and hate, while never once using solid evidence and facts to back its claims. It first started as ALL WHITE police officers are racist murderers that gun down black kids in the streets. Now that the public knows that many of incidents had black officers involved, it’s turned into ALL police officers.


Not in any case, not a SINGLE ONE, has BLM actually come out and said, ‘Yeah, that was a justified shooting’. To the leadership, any shooting involving someone black and a police officer ALWAYS gets pushed as police brutality or murder. That claim is so impossible, it’s ludicrous!

You know what else is ludicrous? While over 6,000 black men, women, teens and children were murdered last year by other blacks (check Chicago), the 258 blacks that were involved in some type of police altercation were the only concern to this hypocritical group of activists.

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If I understand it, here’s the ‘philosophy’:

WE can kill each other, yeah that’s fine, but don’t you let me catch a cop shooting one of us for ANY REASON, or I’ll protest!’

Ah, yes. Makes perfect sense…

Here is a grotesque example of the hypocritical heartlessness – Breitbart reports:


A medical examiner ruled the death of a 15-year-old boy burned alive in a Chicago alley a homicide on Monday, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office reported. Firefighters responding to a garage fire in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago found the body of Demetrius Griffin, 15, burned to death, WPVI reported.

Autopsy results showed Griffin died of thermal injuries due to a fire started in the garbage can, which authorities says means he was alive when the fire started. Polly Sykes, the victim’s mother, asked the community’s help in finding the killer.

“Community, I need your help. They killed my baby out here in this alley. I need somebody. If you know something, please come forward. They took my life,” Sykes said.

A group of Chicago pastors are offering a $7,500 reward to anyone who can provide information to track down Griffin’s killer, WLS reported.

“He was a typical teenager. My wife was his Sunday school teacher when he was a child. He was baptized in the church,” said Rev. Marshall Hatch, who knew his family for over 20 years.

Chicago is on fire, BLM. Where the hell is your honesty here? The homicide rates are up 49% and the vast majority of those are black-on-black murders! This is just one city. Why is this catastrophe not even on your radar?

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