Black Chicago Residents ERUPT, Unleash on Obama’s Open Borders [VIDEO]

Black Chicago Residents ERUPT, Unleash on Obama’s Open Borders [VIDEO]

So as it turns out, Conservatives and Republicans aren’t the only ones who think President Obama has done a horrible job as the leader of America. Oh, and despite what the mainstream media would like you to believe, these people actually exist, are black and live in Detroit, Michigan.

There’s a pretty good chance you’re not going to see this on CNN. You’re probably not going to hear about these fed up citizens on MSNBC. Odds are that even FOX News will be so busy covering the election that they won’t have time to fit in these frustrated Americans.

Here at Right Wing News, however, we want everyone to be able to have a voice, and that is why we are covering this story. These people deserve to have their voices heard and should not be silenced just because they’re inconvenient to the movement.


One man waved his hand emphatically as he stated his belief that “[Obama] will go down in history as the worst President ever.”

Another man compared the streets of Detroit to Beirut, commenting on the frequency of police and ambulances driving up and down the road.

An older-looking gentleman discussed the fact that, though he may not be enslaved in the sense that is traditionally pictured when thinking of the word, the debt that has been run up by our federal government has indeed enslaved Americans for many generations to come.

Watch the video below:

These people will be discounted as a disgruntled few in Chicago, while other black people who disagree with their opinions will call them “coons” and “Uncle Toms,” but deep down they know that these people are right. Nothing has improved for anyone in the United States. Obama and the government will tell you that the economy is finally back on track, but that’s really difficult for the average person to believe when they spend $100 at the grocery store on a quarter of a cart of groceries.

Nothing has improved under an Obama Presidency; not race-relations, not the economy, not education, not the national debt, nothing. The problem with these people is that they see the poor state of America today and they have to live in the worst of it. They have to live in an area of the nation where you can send your son out for butter and have him return home in a body bag because some gang member thought he saw your boy look at him funny. These people know that nothing is better, and that it’s not getting better, but because they’re inconvenient to the narrative, they are ignored.

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