Black Friday, Yet AGAIN, Gets CRAZY When Two Are SHOT! – VIDEO

Black Friday, Yet AGAIN, Gets CRAZY When Two Are SHOT! – VIDEO

Just like clockwork, Black Friday reared its ugly head once again, showcasing the most despicable among us. And what better stage to showcase this than the reigning champion of the people…the mall! At least two more people have been shot, yes that’s right, SHOT, during the Black Friday madness, as yet again shoppers turned violent across the country.


The pandemonium broke out at around 4 pm and the shooting took place at a mall in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There was an announcement for mall goers to evacuate the Hamilton Place Mall after news of at least one person was rushed away in an ambulance. The shooting is reported to have taken place outside the department store, Sears. Chattanooga Police confirmed that the shooting was a result of a fight that broke out (no duh).

Who wants to bet it was over a child’s toy? Any takers?…turns out, that may not have been the case.

With one suspect in custody, another person of interest has also been detained for questioning. Police claimed that at least one of the suspects is a ‘known gang member’. The injuries sustained by both individuals were reported as non-life threatening. Hamilton Place Mall tweeted out a statement on the incident:

‘We are aware of an incident at the mall and are working closely with local law enforcement as they continue their investigation.’


Later on, another statement with further information came out, ‘Hamilton Place Management is working with police during its ongoing investigation of an incident that occurred in the Sears parking lot. Sears and J.C Penney are currently closed. The mall however is open’.

Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson, who had been at the mall when the shooting happened, shared the following on his Facebook:

‘Wow, me and Tenille are walking out of Sears at Hamilton Place Mall and shots are being fired…not what you want to see or hear walking to your car…. shooter surrounded at the scene.’

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