Black Republican Destroys Democrat Mary Landrieu in Ad (Video)

Black Republican Destroys Democrat Mary Landrieu in Ad (Video)

This is how it’s done, folks:

Opelousas, Louisiana. Academy Street, the hill section. I grew up just a few blocks from here. These streets look just the same as they did when I was a kid. In some ways, they look even worse.

Mary Landrieu first ran for Senate in 1996 promising to be a champion for the black community. Eighteen years later, little has changed. Our communities are poorer than they were in 1996. Our schools continue to fail children. Our jails are filled with young black men who should be at home being fathers.

Meanwhile Mary Landrieu lives in a $2 million mansion on Capitol Hill.

You see, as Thomas Sowell said, politicians are not trying to solve our problems. They’re trying to solve their own problems, of which getting elected and re-elected are number one and number two.

You’re not Mary’s cause, and you’re certainly not her charity. You are just a vote. Nothing less and nothing more. For her, you’re just a means to an end so that she remains in power.

While you scrounge together food stamps to buy kool aid, she sips champagne at cocktail parties. While you dig through the couch looking for gas money, she flies around in private jets funded by taxpayer dollars.

But Mary Landrieu knows that she doesn’t have to do anything for our community, because no matter what she does, 95 percent of us will line up to vote for her. Every. Single. Time.

Since 1996, black unemployment has doubled and the poverty rate for blacks has skyrocketed. Mary hasn’t helped us at all.

So, on November 4th, let’s send her back home to her father’s house or to her mansion in Washington, D.C., or to wherever the heck she lives because one thing is for sure. She does not live here, on Academy Street, on the hill.

So well done.

Hat Tip: TPNN

Duane Lester

Duane Lester is co-founder of All American Blogger, and the primary writer. Following graduation, Duane entered the United States Navy as a journalist. He spent five years touring the world, reporting on local news and sports. Following his enlistment, Duane spent almost 10 years working with adjudicated youth in residential treatment environments. Duane discovered politics after September 11. He credits Erich "Mancow" Muller for opening his eyes to his conservative beliefs. Since then, Duane has devoured books and literature on politics, reading everything he can from Adam Smith to Larry Elder to Thomas Sowell. He refers to his style of politics as "conserva-tarian", a mixture of conservative and libertarian beliefs.

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