BlackLivesMatter Is Not A Group Of Protesters – They Are Terrorists, Here’s Why…

BlackLivesMatter Is Not A Group Of Protesters – They Are Terrorists, Here’s Why…

There is a large portion of the American population that does not believe that the Black Lives Matter movement is actually concerned about the preservation of black lives, rather, they are just looking for a reason to cause chaos and violence.

Matt Walsh from TheBlaze isn’t mincing words when he refers to the group as “terrorists.” He gives reasons as to why he believe that with every iota of his being.

If you support the message, but not the way BLM is going about spreading it, this may very well be the most important op-ed you read all day.


He starts out with a breakdown of the kerfuffle taking place in North Carolina.

If you’re a little confused about what’s going on in Charlotte, North Carolina, allow me to explain: a black cop shot and killed an armed black man, so a bunch of black rioters decided to burn down a black neighborhood and loot black-owned businesses in order to protest racism against black people. Make sense now?

Perhaps that is an over-simplification, but he’s absolutely correct.

He continues:

No, I suppose it doesn’t. There are many questions that immediately come to mind. Questions like: Why are they claiming Keith Scott was unarmed when all of the evidence clearly shows he had a gun? And no matter if the shooting was justified or not, why are they shouting “white cops are devils” when the cop who shot Scott was black? And even if the cop was white and even if all white cops are devils (which seems unlikely, theologically speaking), why are they destroying their own community in response? And perhaps the biggest and most confounding question of all: Why are we still calling this sort of brutal violence, mayhem and criminality a “protest”?

At this point, it seems like too strange a coincidence that literally every single Black Lives Matter “protest” involves chaos and bloodshed. I almost said it “descends into” chaos and bloodshed, but that wouldn’t be quite accurate. After witnessing this play out in cities across the country for the past couple of years, I think we can now officially declare that chaos and bloodshed are the point, not just unfortunate byproducts; not the result of an otherwise peaceful demonstration “devolving” into something decidedly less peaceful.

The media keeps saying — as it has reported about every BLM riot before it — that Charlotte “started as a peaceful protest” and then became violent. But that’s like claiming a drive-by shooting “started as a peaceful jaunt through the city” until the passengers starting firing indiscriminately out of the driver’s side window. That may be true, in a certain sense, but the drive was always leading inevitably and purposefully to the shooting part, just as these “protests” are, from the beginning, merely a staging ground for savagery, looting and destruction. The riots are not aberrations. They are not surprising and unexpected developments in the midst of otherwise peaceful demonstrations. They are planned, coordinated and widespread. And they seem to only be getting worse with each successive incident.

Read the rest of his opinion piece here. It is absolutely worth your time.

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