Blogs — The Best Of The Best

by John Hawkins | January 16, 2003 10:57 pm

Blogs — The Best Of The Best: Every so often I like to give a little credit where credit’s due. So here are my favorite blogs on the net, based simply on the blogs that I enjoy reading the most…

Honorable Mentions

Amish Tech Support[1], Daily Pundit[2], Damianation[3], IMAO[4], Scrappleface[5], Sgt. Stryker’s Daily Briefing[6]

10) USS Clueless:[7] Den Beste is a fantastic, detail oriented writer who has fascinating insights into foreign policy.

9) James Lileks:[8] Lileks is a brilliant writer who reminds me a lot of Mark Steyn when he writes about politics. If he wrote about politics every day he might be in the #1 slot, but I just can’t get interested in the non-politics related things he writes about.

8) Rachel Lucas:[9] Rachel is interesting, right about most things, and most importantly there’s real passion in her writing. I love someone who willing to take a stand on an issue and come out with both guns blazing to defend her position.

7) The Corner:[10] ‘Team Jonah Goldberg’ does fine work. Not only is there witty banter between the posters, but they are capable of giving a fresh perspective to the issues of the day.

6) Andrew Sullivan:[11] Sullivan’s ferocious criticism of the left and his unique slant on a lot of conservative issues make his blog well worth a read.

5) Croooow Blog:[12] Henry Hanks is essentially “Instapundit Light” and I’ve never really understood why he isn’t a bigger name in the blogging community. Personally, I think he does great work and I hit his page five days a week, Mon-Fri.

4) Tim Blair:[13] An Aussie who’s funny and who’s willing to do a both barrel fisking on any of Australia’s almost unlimited supply of left-wing boneheads at the drop of a boomerang.

3) A Small Victory:[14] 3 Doses of Neo-Conservatism + 2 cups of skewed perspective + 1 handful of real life stories + a smidgen of boobies =’s #3 on the list

2) Little Green Footballs:[15] Nobody in the blogging world & nobody in the mainstream press does a better job of exposing the radical Islamists and Islamo-Fascists for what they are than Charles Johnson

1) Instapundit:[16] The hardest working man in the blogosphere is a linking machine and seldom does a day pass that I don’t find something worthy of a link on RWN.

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