BOMBSHELL: Bush Campaign Manager Gets in Confrontation With CNBC Producer

by Just An American | October 29, 2015 5:22 am

Jeb Bush campaign manager Danny Diaz got into a heated confrontation with a CNBC producer outside the debate as it was happening, according to two sources familiar with the incident[1]. Bush’s rep…wasn’t happy about how the debate was progressing…and tells CNBC Producer THIS!

One of the sources said Diaz was complaining about speaking time allotments.

A CNBC spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

“I expressed my displeasure about the way the debate was managed and the amount of time [we got],” said Diaz, who declined to comment further.

Bush had one of the briefest speaking times of the debate – something that aides are expressing frustration about. According to a count compiled by National Public Radio, Bush spoke for less time than any other candidate.

Bush had a lot riding on his performance in the debate. He has seen his poll numbers plummet nationally and in key early states, and last week he announced a dramatic staff overhaul.

Media…expected to be fair and balanced in presidential debates…or life in general?? That’s unheard of! Bush’s rep must have missed that memo…

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