Bombshell New Report Reveals the TRUTH About Prince… Fans Shocked

by Just An American | April 28, 2016 12:09 pm

Does anyone remember D.A.R.E.? Listen, drugs are bad for your brain, bad for your body and bad for your life essence. We have too many celebrities giving up their life essence for the drugs that help them maintain their lifestyle…but is it worth it? [1]


From Western Journalism:

Though it is not clear at this point what role, if any, they played in his untimely death, multiple outlets reported Wednesday that pop star Prince was in possession of prescription pain pills when his body was found at his Minneapolis estate last week.

Sources cited in the current issue of People confirm the 57-year-old entertainer had a lengthy history of addiction to such medication.

TMZ published a similar report, referencing “multiple sources connected with the singer’s family” who said Prince’s problem with Percocet stemmed from a hip injury years ago.

Just days before he died, TMZ tracked Prince visiting one Walgreens pharmacy four times in a single day.

Though an autopsy was conducted on the singer’s body the day after his death, toxicology reports that would show the drugs in his system at the time of his death have not been completed.

WAIT…hold up. An autopsy? When a U.S. Justice passes mysteriously…no autopsy. When a celebrity passes with drugs on his person and a history of injury caused drug use…an autopsy? I’m sorry, RIP Prince…. BUT what the HECK!?

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