Bonnie Erbe: Michelle Malkin Deserves Playboy’s Public Rape Fantasies

It turns out Playboy’s invitation to fantasize about raping famous conservative women wasn’t such a big deal after all. First, it drew approving chuckles from Politico under the subheading, “The Lighter Side of Politics.” Now MSM propagandist Bonnie Erbe of U.S. News & World Report officially confirms that at least some conservative women deserve to be “hate f**ked”:

[A]t least one woman on the list is so venom-spewing, she unfortunately invites venom to be shot back at her: Michelle Malkin.

In her high-mindedness, Erbe does admit that not all of the women on Playboy’s list deserve to be raped. But expressing as much countermoonbat passion as Michelle Malkin is apparently the equivalent of deserving what you get for wearing too short a skirt.

The MSM confirms: it’s her own fault for inspiring dark thoughts.

Hat tips: Gateway Pundit, NewsBusters. On tips from V the K and Burning Hot. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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