BOOM: Gun Owner Shoots Man Attacking Florida Deputy [VIDEO]

by Just An American | November 15, 2016 3:57 pm

Patriots, we’ve got ourselves a good guy with a gun story! Despite the nutty nut heads from the left probably losing their minds over this story already, it does have a happy ending. Good guys win. Bad guys pay consequences. [1]


For very obvious reasons, which once again the left will be blind to in order to push their own agenda without quarrel.

A good guy with a gun in Florida used his 2A right to save the life of a deputy police officer in Florida. To that I say… HOORAY!

Right in the middle of Interstate 75 Monday morning, after a high speed chase, a fight broke out between the suspect and a Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputy, First class Dean Bardes. The suspect had managed to get on top of the Deputy and started to beat him brutally according to multiple sources. The suspect was also armed and dangerous.

Then something happened that stunned a lot of the bystanders watching. A passerby on the interstate who had a concealed weapon’s license, exited his vehicle and told the suspect he’d shoot him if he didn’t stop beating the deputy.

The suspect didn’t stop beating. The legally armed citizen shot.

3 times.. boom, boom, BOOM! The suspect as described by other witnesses fell off the deputy. The deputy then stood up, he was too exhausted to react and fell back down to the ground waiting for back-up to arrive.

The Second Amendment covers many an area of rights: in this case, the saving of a deputy’s bootylicious behind. In other cases, saving your own behind, protecting your property, and ensuring against government tyranny. If the white-hatted good Samaritan hadn’t stepped in, we’re not sure how this story would’ve played out. But we probably wouldn’t be writing it with such glee. Nor using terms like “bootylicious.”

That is the good news. Now go and prepare for the offended, heartbroken, whiny liberals to use this as ammo to fire at your 2A rights…

Wait for it…

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