BOOM: Miranda Lambert Halts Concert to Deal With ‘Douchebag’ in Front of Her [VIDEO]

by Just An American | August 10, 2016 6:06 am

Miranda Lambert was mid-performance when someone in the audience did something totally uncalled for. Let’s just say…Miranda[1] was far from cool with it.


From the Independent Journal:

Although Lambert did not say what the “douchebag” was doing, a concert goer did tweet that there was a man who yelled out her ex-husband’s, Blake Shelton, new girlfriend’s name:

Whatever the man’s actions were, they were inappropriate enough for Lambert to stop the performance and take action…

HAHA! That’s great. Did you hear what she said at the end there? She said.. “Okay, sorry. Sometimes you just have to ditch a douchebag every now and then!”

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