Boston U prof Saida Grundy ‘Go cry somewhere’, Hateful reverse racist black Boston U prof to a white girl rape survivor written on Facebook 3 months before she claimed white men are ‘THE problem for America’s colleges’

by Samuel Gonzalez | May 18, 2015 11:02 pm

college prof[1]This college professor really needs to get booted from her job for being a vile racist. She has no business in the classroom infecting young minds with her filthy views.


Daily Mail[2] reports the same Boston University professor who recently has sparked outrage by labeling white male college students ‘a problem population,’ in February lashed out at a white rape victim during a heated Facebook exchange.

Saida Grundy, incoming black sociology professor at BU, was forced to issue an apology last week for her racially charged tweets condemning Caucasian men, which University President Robert Brown called ‘hurtful’ in his open letter penned to the campus last Tuesday.

Today it emerged that months before the controversy over Grundy’s negative tweets slamming ‘white masculinity,’ the veteran educator reportedly ridiculed Meghan Chamberlin, a Caucasian woman who has publicly identified herself as a survivor of sexual assault.

Patricia Arquette’s Oscar speech advocating for equal pay for women[3] reported Monday that on February 25, Ms Chamberlin went on a public Facebook thread and weighed in on a controversial article posted on condemning Patricia Arquette’s Oscar speech, in which she famously said that women deserve to get equal pay for equal work.

The author of the opinion piece, writer and filmmaker Blue Telusma, who is black, argued that African-Americans and members of the LGBTQ community do not owe white women any assistance.


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