Boy IMPRISONED By Mother In Attack And Starved Bony Thin Is REUNITED With Cops That Found Him

by Alexandria Willis | November 8, 2016 3:10 am


The pictures of this sweet little boy[2] are completely tragic. He was saved by a police officer. Six years later you wouldn’t recognize him. And now, strong, healthy and loved, the little boy was reunited with the officer that found him and saved him.

In 2010, Giovani Eastwood was nearly seven years-old. His mother was arrested and all of his siblings were taken to live with their grandmother for a short time. But Giovani, who had been held in the attic, was not found along with the other children and left locked in the attic. Luckily, these officers returned to the home to search for him one last time. This time they could hear him faintly crying.

At nearly seven years-old he weighed less than nineteen pounds. That is less than the average nine month-old baby. His skin was stretched over his frail body. He was hospitalized and able to make a full recovery. ‘The child was completely emaciated and had open wounds, feces and urine all over his body,’ court documents reveal. ‘It appeared as though the child hadn’t eaten in days and most of his bones were visible.’

Since that time, his aunt has adopted him and all of his siblings. ‘Whatever they’d been through, they went through together,’ Stacy said later. ‘And I wanted them to come out of it together.’ They are healthy and received the physical and psychological help that they needed to recover.

And now, thirteen years-old the young man was reunited with the officer who found him in his mother’s attic, scared and alone. Now he is healthy, strong and happy.


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