BREAKING: 100% Of U.S. “WARMING” Due To Data Tampering

BREAKING: 100% Of U.S. “WARMING” Due To Data Tampering


The global warming situation has been dissected and evaluated by every side. Both sides report findings that directly contradict each other. It can be hard to know what side of the argument to stand on, but with evidence like this it is definitely enough to make you question the left extreme responses to the global warming debate.

Can I add a disclaimer here:

I absolutely believe that we need to take care of our homes. As a Christian, I believe God made us this earth and we should absolutely want to take care of it. We want our children to inherit an earth as gorgeous as the one we were given. But things are getting incredibly ridiculous.

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Recently it was reported that 2016 was one of the warmest years yet. Climate Central ran an ad this past month in which they shouted about the “overwhelmingly hot” temperatures this year. The Washington Post quickly began reporting the findings of this report. But it turns out these findings might not actually be very accurate.

The Deplorable Climate Science Blog reported on why these articles might not be accurate:

The first problem with their analysis is that the US had very little hot weather in 2016. The percentage of hot days was below average, and ranked 80th since 1895. Only 4.4% of days were over 95°F, compared with the long term average of 4.9%. Climate Central is conflating mild temperatures with hot ones.

And it looks like some of those findings are now being reevaluated.


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