BREAKING: Millions Of Americans May Have Just Been SCAMMED By This Presidential Candidate

by Sierra Marlee | November 25, 2016 7:02 pm

The 2016 election was arguably one of the most interesting in the last 50 years, if not the entirety of history. More third party candidates were given air time than anytime in recent memory and one of those candidates was the Green Party’s Jill Stein.

While she didn’t garner a substantial percentage of the votes, she’s back in the headlines for a completely different reason and it might shock a lot of people.

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Jill Stein wanted a recount of Michigan ballots when it was finally announced that Donald Trump won their electoral votes. To do this, she asked for a certain sum of money, but after she met it, she bumped up the required amount by $2M. She posted the following message on her website:

“Raising money to pay for the first round so quickly is a miraculous feat and a tribute to the power of grassroots organizing.”

The claim is that the Green Party has evidence that their votes were intentionally manipulated, though they have produced no evidence of this claim.

Further adding to the sketchy nature of the whole situation, the fine print indicated that there is no assurance that the donated funds will actually be used for the recount. The kicker is the “NO REFUNDS” policy.


Something tells me that these people don’t know the definition of “integrity” and would do well to consult a dictionary in the future.

To everyone who donated money, you either knew this when you donated, or you didn’t read the aforementioned fine print and donated anyway. Either way, I don’t feel bad for you.

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