BREAKING: Another Attack On US Navy – This Time Obama Talks Retaliation

BREAKING: Another Attack On US Navy – This Time Obama Talks Retaliation

It would appear that in the eleventh hour of his Presidency, Obama is finally getting tough on America’s attackers. It only comes 7 years and one apology tour too late, but hey, at least he might show some spine in these last few months.

But what could make someone as weak as Obama behave in such a manner as to threaten retaliation against someone who attacked us? Apparently the targeting of a Navy Destroyer by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

Who knew? Terror attacks on our own soil and not a peep, but hit one of our ships and he’s all over it.


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It’s being reported that top Congressional officials believe that it’s possible a portion of $1.7B we sent to Iran was used to arm the terrorists who launched the attack on our Navy’s Destroyer.

Many are arguing that this should be seen as an act of war and our national response should reflect that. But of course the Boob-In-Chief is giving these terrorists a pass.

With that being said, you’re probably wondering what he would be threatening retaliation against, if not the attack. Well apparently he got so hopping mad, that he sent his attack puppy John Kerry out to threaten RUSSIA for allegedly hacking the Democratic National Committee’s emails.

You read that right. Attack America and our citizens and you get written off with a shrug. But hack our corrupt politicians’ servers and you’re gonna pay, buddy! Because it makes sense to be threatening the guy who appears to be gearing up for a war. Brilliant move.

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