BREAKING: Bill Clinton Lets the TRUTH Slip About Hillary’s Health

by Just An American | August 24, 2016 11:58 am

Things are starting to get pretty real with the claims on Hillary not being fit enough both mentally and physically to run a nation. Now information has come showing that Bill Clinton himself, wasn’t so sure she could run a presidential campaign. When he mentioned it to her… SHE BLEW![1]


From Gateway Pundit:

Bill thought Hilalry was too sickly to run for president.

These excerpts from Unlikable, The Problem with Hillary Clinton by Edward Klein:

Bill thought Hillary was in denial about her life threatening symptoms.



The liberal media says if you question Hillary’s health or stamina you are being sexist.

But her own husband questioned her health and stamina.

Via Mike Cernovich:

Some are saying she’s too big to jail and too ‘important’ to die, that she will live forever off of her shady energy.

That’s hilarious.

She’s human. A crooked one…but human just the same, and it’s the shady part of her that is going to take years OFF her life.

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