BREAKING: The DNC Has Decided on a Replacement for Hillary if She has to Withdraw for Health Reasons

BREAKING: The DNC Has Decided on a Replacement for Hillary if She has to Withdraw for Health Reasons

At first I thought this was conspiracy talk, but it appears that the Democratic National Committee is actually devising a Plan B if Hillary Clinton can’t continue her presidential campaign for health reasons.

Oh and before we go any further, I would like to say, “TAKE THAT, Sarah Silverman!” You called Americans a horrible name if we DARED question Queen Hillary’s heath, but now her own party is suggesting she might drop out due to her declining health.

I’ll take my apology on a 24-karat gold plaque, encrusted with real diamonds. Thank you.


I’m sure you’re thinking that the Democratic Presidential candidate runner-up would get the spot of nominee if the current nominee isn’t able to run the rest of her campaign, but alas, the Dems appear to hate Bernie Sanders so much that they aren’t giving him that chance.

Instead, they will be nominating Joe Biden, in the event that Hillary Clinton becomes unable to continue running for President.


That’s gotta feel like a poke in the eye to Sanders, who was effectively bullied out of delegates and super-delegates by Hillary Clinton and her paid cronies in the DNC.

But let’s think about that for a second, Hillary elbows her way to the top, and then less than two months before the election, drops out. The Biden team has to scramble to pick a running mate (if he doesn’t keep Kaine), and then put out ads for him and there is no chance that he can organize any type of grassroots or ground game in that time. This would give the serious advantage to Donald Trump, who doesn’t appear to be doing anything special with the election winding down.

It makes you wonder if Biden knows about this, though. Is this the reason that he doesn’t jump into the race? Did the Democrats know about Hillary’s failing health, and needed to keep him out of the race because they couldn’t risk him saying anything stupid in public? Or is Biden just as shocked about this as everyone else?

I’m not going to put anything past the Democrats because, as the WikiLeaks emails proved, they will do just about anything to pass their agenda.

Do you think Hillary will drop out of the race because of her health, or is she so determined to become President that she will stick it out? Let us know in the comments section of our Facebook page and share this story with your friends and get their opinions!

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