BREAKING: Elite Georgetown University to Give Preferred Admission to Slave Descendants

BREAKING: Elite Georgetown University to Give Preferred Admission to Slave Descendants

Looks like this University in Georgetown is putting together a type of atonement program where they ensure descendants of the 272 slaves who the college’s earlier leaders sold to keep the school afloat…will be rewarded, with…well, a lot of stuff really.


The president of the school, John Degioia, made an announcement on Thursday stating that the school will now be handing out preferential admission to these descendants which they have projected to be in the thousands.

These descendants will now be receiving advantages very similar to the kids and grandkids of alumni.

They are hoping that this change inspires all other colleges with a history in the slave trade to institute the same policy. Of course this is going to cost a whole lot of money to do and take up a lot of the student body capacity the school can take in. Leaving many without a spot, many that worked hard for a spot themselves. Do they need a descendant in slavery for that hard work to be validated?

However folks…that’s not all.

In addition to giving these descendants admission to the college, the school will also be issuing a ‘formal apology’, furthermore establish an institute for the study of slavery and they have plans to build a public memorial to the slaves who labored for the benefit of the school.

There are two campus buildings that are named after priests that will be having their names changed to Isaac Hall. This is to honor one of the slaves sold in he sale. The other, to be named Anne Marie Becraft Hall, in honor of a 19th century educator who founded a school for black girls.

What do you think? No harm done? Or did you hear the sound of a can cracking open with a whole lot of worms in it?

Interesting to say the least…


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