BREAKING: Exit Poll Suggests Strong Trump Lead

BREAKING: Exit Poll Suggests Strong Trump Lead

More than 1/3 (36 percent) of 2016 voters have revealed that voting for a strong leader and having a strong leader was the MOST important quality when picking a President and their eyes are directed to Donald Trump. This in comparison to just 18 percent of voters who thought the same thing back in 2012.


First…that’s strange. You would think a ‘strong leader’ would always be one of the the most important qualities when it comes to leading America.

However, coming in at 2nd was voters saying “having a vision for the future” was almost just as important. Twenty-nine percent of voters chose that as their top choice.

Sixteen percent chose having a candidate share their values and take care of people like them was the most important quality in a President. (Sounds awful.)

During this 2016 election it’s been clear that there is only one sort of “common ground” that all voters can meet on and that’s simply that it’s been a terrible election to go through…regardless of political affiliation. Would you agree?

However, other than that, voters are not coming together on any other level. Even more so than years past.

7 in 10 voters have said that their experience through this election actually made them feel anxious and nervous with an overwhelming 85 percent stating “they just want it over with.”

The electorate we are finding is also in low spirits: Over half of voters described their feeling about the this year’s election as ANGRY at 53 percent, SAD at 50 percent and sadly…DEPRESSED at 39 percent. (We have really been put through the ringer this round haven’t we…)

As for Independents, they appear more discouraged and most likely to ascribe negative values to the race…and can you blame them? 60 percent of them showed to be ANGRY, 58 percent: SAD and 47 percent: DEPRESSED.

Here is a diagram showing how it all panned out…


This is indeed a trying time for Americans with this election being so wild and at times very scary. I believe Trump is a light in all the chaos, a change for the better that America needs. There is no perfect President, as there is no perfect human. However, there is a right and wrong, evil and good. Trump is not evil and I have never been able to say the same for Hillary Clinton.

But I’m sure you’ve heard that before.

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