BREAKING: Fox News Sex Scandal Takes Shocking Turn… No One Expected This

BREAKING: Fox News Sex Scandal Takes Shocking Turn… No One Expected This

Here we go, looks like ‘Round 2’ is beginning in the Fox News saga…

It seems like it’s much longer than 2 months, but it has been about that long since former Fox News anchor, Gretchen Carlson shocked many with her lawsuit against Roger Ailes, her old boss.

A sexual harassment lawsuit. Since, it has been one nasty rollercoaster of a ride within the news network station, and skeletons have been marching out of their closets ever since!

Staffers have feared for their jobs and even the network itself had a few reservations about their hope for future success as more and more women came forward with allegations against the man.

As a result, the co-founder left the news network he co-founded nearly 20 years ago. Of course, throughout the dramatic series of events that have snowballed, the man has claimed his innocence, denying ALL allegations of sexual harassment.

Things took a turn for the worse when Ailes, well…went full panic into paranoia, and made some moves that were just…weird.

According to a source near to Ailes, he had hung a wooden door near his office suite to obscure any view into the workspace. It was also shared that he started to keep a list of everyone’s names who entered his office. All this started when writer, Gabriel Sherman published a detailed cover article covering the takedown of Roger Ailes and all the nasty little details.

From the very beginning things were handled differently than they would most likely have been had the Murdoch’s Father, Rupert Murdoch, still had been over the network. He had made a name for himself through his famously loyal attitudes towards his deputies and has a sort of brotherhood with Ailes that goes back decades.

His sons however, C.E.C. James Murdoch and Executive Chairman Lachlan Murdoch, have no such loyalties and were applauded by many on the strategy they used to handle the dramatic situation. Instead of taking Ailes under their wing and defending his character out of a false sense of duty, they gave him the “opportunity” to prove his own innocence by launching an internal investigation into the allegations. This move came as a shock to many, who expected a fiery defense from them for Ailes and has now been seen as the event that is waving farewell to the ‘old ways’ of doing things at Fox News.

Now, it appears that Fox News wants to prevent the Ailes saga from plaguing the network any further and they have actually offered a settlement in the amount of $20 million dollars to Gretchen Carlson. It is no wonder why the network wants to start moving forward.

It is all about timing.

They need to ensure some of their most successful hosts, including Megyn Kelly, stay with the network and this has proven to be a priority as they move into the last part of an election.

According to three people close to the settlement, they are moving forward on behalf of Ailes to settle for big money with Gretchen in an attempt to end the drama and move forward.

Do you think this settlement is going to do the trick?

That is a whole lot of dollar signs…


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