BREAKING: Guns From Paris Attack Traced Back To TERRIFYING Source In The U.S.

by Greg Campbell | June 30, 2016 6:10 pm

One of the most-appalling betrayals by this regime (and there are many) is the Fast and Furious scandal. The executive branch pumped guns to Mexican drug cartels as a means of increasing violence and increasing pressure to enact stricter gun control. As a result, people have died. In addition to Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, reports now indicate that one of the guns released in the DOJ operation was used in the Paris terrorist attack.[1]


From Young Conservatives:

You may have thought you heard the last of the details from the recent Paris attack that left over 100 people dead.

Apparently, there is still new info coming in.

From Judicial Watch[3]:

One of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, Arizona where the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally in a deadly and futile “gun-walking” operation known as “Fast and Furious.”

A Report of Investigation (ROI) filed by a case agent in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) tracked the gun used in the Paris attacks to a Phoenix gun owner who sold it illegally, “off book,” Judicial Watch’s law enforcement sources confirm. Federal agents tracing the firearm also found the Phoenix gun owner to be in possession of an unregistered fully automatic weapon, according to law enforcement officials with firsthand knowledge of the investigation.

The investigative follow up of the Paris weapon consisted of tracking a paper trail using a 4473 form, which documents a gun’s ownership history by, among other things, using serial numbers. The Phoenix gun owner that the weapon was traced back to was found to have at least two federal firearms violations—for selling one weapon illegally and possessing an unregistered automatic—but no enforcement or prosecutorial action was taken against the individual. Instead, ATF leaders went out of their way to keep the information under the radar and ensure that the gun owner’s identity was “kept quiet,” according to law enforcement sources involved with the case. “Agents were told, in the process of taking the fully auto, not to anger the seller to prevent him from going public,” a veteran law enforcement official told Judicial Watch.

Watergate was an astounding betrayal of the American people.

However, as egregious as the scandal was, at least Watergate did not accumulate a body count.

President Obama and Eric Holder should be sharing a cell in Leavenworth. Instead, they have escaped having to answer for their crimes.

It’s despicable.

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