BREAKING: Hillary Gets DEVASTATING News – This Could Be It

by Just An American | March 15, 2016 4:10 pm

Polls, polls, and more polls…and THIS one is showing that fewer than half of the voters surveyed support Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as…the other guy, Bernie Sanders continues to pick up support.[1] Bad news for Hillary!


In the new Morning Consult poll, conducted March 11-13, 40 percent of likely Democrat voters back Sanders, up four points from a survey a few days earlier. Clinton’s support fell by that same margin down to 48 percent, which is the first time since mid-February that her support level was below 50 percent.

Sanders “is tapping into something that is very deep and very profound inside the Democratic Party, which is this discontent with the system that is no longer producing for everyday people,” Simon Rosenberg, a Clinton supporter, told the New Yorker.

“He has characterized Hillary as a champion of that system and as somebody who is actually a leader of the system, while he is the one that wants to change it. He’s not being perceived as a leftist. He is being perceived as somebody who is deeply in touch with a sense that something has gone wrong and that the system isn’t working.

“Sanders is speaking to a rising generation who want both a better and more responsible capitalism and a better and more ethical politics.”.

Bad news for Hillary is typically good news for many of us…however, in this case, it just feels like we have to pick our poison really…

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