BREAKING: ISIS Takes 300 Hostages

BREAKING: ISIS Takes 300 Hostages

ISIS appears to have taken 300 Syrian workers captive and the cement company for which they work has officially lost contact with the employees.

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From Young Conservatives:

New reports now coming in are saying that ISIS has kidnapped more than 300 Syrian workers.

Here are the details.

From Fox News:

The Islamic State terror group has kidnapped more than 300 workers at a Syrian cement company, state TV reported Thursday.

The company, Al Badia Cement, reportedly is headquartered northeast of Damascus, where ISIS had launched an assault on government troops earlier this week.

Syrian officials said the employer lost all contact with the workers and contractors. They said the kidnapping unfolded near the town of Dumeir, some 25 miles outside Damascus.

This is pretty scary stuff, but not at all surprising coming from the Islamic State.

ISIS has been causing problems for a long time now, and it’s shameful their wickedness has been allowed to happen.

Let’s hope this situation has a happy ending with freed hostages and few casualties.

We’ll continue to update this story as more details come in.

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