BREAKING! New Video Of U.S Soldier Being Interrogated By Iranian Official…You’ve Got To See This!

What you are about to watch is going to get your blood boiling…here is a video released today that shows one of our Soldiers apologizing and basically asking for forgiveness from one of their captors…


Iran is taking full advantage of the grand opportunity dropped on their plate to humiliate the United States and our armed forces.

It first started with Secretary of State John Kerry giving a big “thank you” to the Iranians for supposedly treating our sailors oh so good — they humiliated them — and now a news report is being spread around the Internet of a Navy captain apologizing.

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I bet Iran is eating this up.

That’s a pretty crappy situation to be put in, and he likely was just doing his job and saying what he needed to say to ensure things stayed as civil as possible.

What?…they don’t understand a “mistake” in Iran?

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