BREAKING: Now OBAMA HIMSELF Is Implicated in Hillary Email Scandal [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Now OBAMA HIMSELF Is Implicated in Hillary Email Scandal [VIDEO]

We just can’t get ahead with this Hillary email scandal. More and more evidence of corruption escapes from the woodworks, just to fall flat on the ground to be stepped on. It goes nowhere.


Now, we have just learned that President Obama…is not as transparent as he claims to be. (We all knew that.) He was very adamant about having NO idea that Hillary had a private server that she was using for her day job…until we did.

Which, even if it were true, still looks really bad on him.

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However, we have discovered, thanks to WikiLeaks that it is NOT in fact true and it’s been made so obvious that I’m surprised he’s even showing his face right now in public. Embarrassing…

First of all, what DOESN’T look suspicious about conducting very high level government business, while you’re Secretary of State, on a personal email server that you have admitted to storing in the bathroom? Really? Seems like a ‘case closed’ kind of deal.

However, this is Hillary we are talking about…she makes deals with the devil. Sorry to say.

That server was not secure, it was and is a threat to national security, and a kid would know better than to do what Hillary Clinton did. However, the woman continues to claim…she didn’t think it was THAT big of a deal.


As for the evidence we have just received against Obama…here it is.

While Obama was stating, “I didn’t hear about it until you heard about it, because I’m just the President and it’s not my job to know what’s going on, so no one tells me…” We all sat and watched and were certain… he was lying. He’s the PRESIDENT! How could he not know before us?

Just to ensure you understand his ‘stance’ on how things went down…here’s a video:

Now, read this email. Looks like, Obama doesn’t even tell his own clean-up crew when he’s going to lie to Americans…. so they just had to scramble!


Barack Obama, President of the United States of America and claimer of “TRANSPARENCY,” flat out lied to us. All this time he’s been holding his head high right beside his wife who walks around with her self-righteous attitude and talking about the sins of others all day everyday…

Look at them now…


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