BREAKING: NY/NJ Bomber’s Father Told FBI His Son Was A TERRORIST Two Years Ago…

BREAKING: NY/NJ Bomber’s Father Told FBI His Son Was A TERRORIST Two Years Ago…

What exactly is the point of the FBI? I know what they say they’re supposed to do, but what is their actual purpose? I mean, if you tell them and you know that someone in your family is engaged in terrorist activity and it coincides with the rise of ISIS and they do nothing, what are we paying them to do exactly?

I hope they feel terrible about themselves and what’s more, I hope they are ordered to pay the medical bills of the victims, as well as the pain and suffering and lost wages.

What is the point of the government telling us “see something, say something” if when we see something and say something, nothing comes of it until the attempted murder of American citizens?


Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man who is being accused of creating and/or detonating hidden IEDs in New York/New Jersey, was captured by police. Afterward, it was revealed that his own father had reported him to the Federal Bureau of Investigations in 2014 for “being a terrorist” according to The New York Times.

Two years before Ahmad Khan Rahami went on a bombing rampage in New York and New Jersey, his father told the police that the son was a terrorist, prompting a review by federal agents, according to two senior law enforcement officials.

The father made the statement about his son being a terrorist to New Jersey police in 2014, when Mr. Rahami was arrested after a domestic dispute and accused of stabbing his brother.

The information was passed to the Joint Terrorism Task Force led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Newark. Officers opened what is known as an assessment, the most basic of F.B.I. investigations, and interviewed the father, who then recanted.

It is thought that the father only made the comment out of anger at his son, but it was very clear that he knew something he didn’t actually want the FBI to investigate.

Is the father also accountable for his son’s actions for recanting a statement that was clearly true and putting decent, hardworking Americans at risk? Or is this just on his son, who was the actual creator and distributor of the explosive devices?

In my opinion, there’s enough blame to go around. Obviously, the actual terrorist himself receives the bulk of it, but I also would like to point my finger at the father who (it would seem) hid what he knew about his son’s activities and the FBI who didn’t continue the investigation.

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