BREAKING: Paul Ryan BACKS Obama On Sanctions Against Russia

BREAKING: Paul Ryan BACKS Obama On Sanctions Against Russia

House Speaker Paul Ryan has broken from Republicans to praise President Obama for the new sanctions against Russia. He admitted that Russia does not take into account American interests, nor do they share our values.

Ryan said the retaliation is “overdue” and appropriate considering the alleged hacking that took place during our election.

Trump is not going to be happy about this.


Jim Sciutto posted a segment of the statement on his Twitter account.

There is still no concrete evidence that Russia had anything to do with how our election turned out, but that isn’t going to stop Obama from throwing a tantrum.

Ryan is right that Russia doesn’t have American interests at heart and they are still not to be trusted. However, they are also not to be trifled with unless we are ready to launch a full-fledged nuclear war against them. I think it’s dangerous for Obama to be taking these measures against Russia, because he and Putin aren’t exactly best buds.

Let’s hope his little fit isn’t going to get Americans hurt or killed.

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