BREAKING: Senate Legislation Launched to SHUT DOWN UN Gun Control Treaty

by Scott Hounsell | April 6, 2015 3:14 pm

The United Nations hasn’t made it a secret that they don’t like guns.  In December of last year, the UN proposed a treaty to reduce small arms trade in an effort to eliminate gun violence.  After all, UN treaties and action are so wildly successful (warning: sarcasm).  Two United States Senators have decided to take action in defeating the treaty and defunding any action by the UN on gun control.[1]

.UN Picture[2]

“Senator Jim Inhofe added an amendment to the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty that would potentially shut down parts of the United Nations if the treaty were to pass. Prior to Inhofe’s amendment, Senator Mike Crapo added an amendment to push back Obamas’s Department of Justice and their Operation Choke Point.”

Inhofe is angry that the deal contains no guarantees for personal gun owners and feels the deal could effect the United States’ ability to assist their allies.

“Inhofe was also able to add an amendment to shut down the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty at a vote of 59 to 41. Inofe’s amendment was written so that if the U.N. passes the Arms Trade Treaty, then Congress can stop all funding to any part of the U.N. that would support the enforcement and implementation of the treaty.”

I wonder if the next UN resolution will be about the Obama Administration’s gun-running programs to Mexican Drug Cartels?

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