BREAKING: Senate Makes Obama History – Votes To OVERRIDE His Veto!

BREAKING: Senate Makes Obama History – Votes To OVERRIDE His Veto!

Okay, this is something that I NEVER thought I would see during the Obama Presidency.

The Senate has actually – wait for it! – take a deep breath – OVERRIDDEN HIS VETO!

They appear to have found their spine, albeit 8 years late. Whatever this is, it is more than I expected from them.


The House of Representatives is expected to follow suit, marking the first and probably only time that Congress will defy the President and override his veto of a Bill that they truly believed in.

The Bill in question is the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (or JATA), which would allow US citizens to sue the government of Saudi Arabia, which was proven to have had a hand in the terror attack of 9/11, which left approximately 3,000 people dead.

Obama vetoed the bill because he believes that the Bill would significantly affect the way he conducts foreign policy.

I believe that this is the very first time that he saw Congress fully unite, on both sides of the aisle, against him. I also believe that he doesn’t like it very much and will almost certainly make Congress pay in some way.

Sen. Ben Cardin (D) said that while he shared some of the President’s concerns, the pain of the survivors of the tragedy of 9/11 was louder than his objections.

“We cannot in good conscience close the courthouse door to those families who have suffered unimaginable losses,” Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., said.

Even Nancy Pelosi went against the President’s wishes and told media that the families “deserve their day in court.”

How do you think this will effect our foreign policy dealings, if at all?

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