BREAKING: Trump Just Named EPA Chief – Liberals Are Going To FREAK OUT!

BREAKING: Trump Just Named EPA Chief – Liberals Are Going To FREAK OUT!

There’s nothing I love more than hearing liberals crying over Trump’s cabinet picks. While I’m not the biggest Trump fan myself, the fact that he’s able to trigger these snowflakes so easily is amazing.

While I prefer that Trump completely eliminate the EPA altogether, this is probably the second best course of action.


Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has been named the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, arguably one of the most liberal arms of the federal government in existence.

Reuters reported on the “outrage”:

Trump’s choice, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, has enraged environmental activists, but he fits with the Republican president-elect’s promise to cut the agency back and eliminate regulation that he says is stifling oil and gas drilling.

Pruitt became the top prosecutor for Oklahoma, which has extensive oil reserves, in 2011, and has challenged the EPA multiple times since, including in a pending lawsuit to throw out the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. The plan is the centerpiece of Obama’s climate change strategy and requires states to curb carbon output.

In an interview with Reuters in September, Pruitt said he sees the Clean Power Plan as a form of federal “coercion and commandeering” of energy policy and that his state should have “sovereignty to make decisions for its own markets.”

An official for the U.S. oil industry lobbying group, the American Petroleum Institute, declined to comment on Pruitt, but said it hoped to work with Trump’s administration to “help our nation continue to lead the world in the production of oil and natural gas, while also leading the world in reducing carbon emissions.”

The best response to this news has been from the League of Conservation Voters’ President Gene Karpinski, who said that “Scott Pruitt running the EPA is like the fox guarding the henhouse.”

Now they understand how Americans have felt for last 8 years with Obama’s appointments and I’ve gotta say, revenge is, indeed, sweet.

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