BREAKING: Trump UNLEASHES Statement On His “Muslim Plans” – “You’ve known my plans all along…” [VIDEO]



The recent terrorist attacks in Europe have a lot of people alarmed. Everyone seems to be asking the same questions. What can we do to protect America? How can we keep this from happening in the United States? How can we help those who are truly in need without endangering our own families and nation?

It is a moral dilemma that most of us are still trying to wrap our heads around.

And recently, Donald Trump was asked the same question. Have these attacks changed the way you view your immigration plans? And his answer was classic.

“You’ve known my plans all along, and I’ve been proven to be right.”

And I think Donald Trump is spot on with this one. He has been saying for so long that things need to change. We cannot allow our nation to be destroyed from within. That does not mean ignoring the refugee crisis. It means adapting to the situation. He went on to say he felt like there should be heavy analysis on those coming from countries with a high terrorist threat. It makes sense, right?

The recent terrorist attack this last week was performed by a man on Germany’s terrorist watch list. It is unacceptable to ignore the important issues at hand and endanger our nation by doing that. Our country must be safe. We have to do what needs to be done to protect our people or we will become victims ourselves.

Perhaps more people will be willing to look at the plans that Donald Trump has created with more open eyes after these tragedies.

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